In 2018, The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) celebrated a major milestone – its 170th birthday. As Victoria’s first public hospital, the RMH has touched the lives of millions of Victorians, providing care and treatment for the sickest in our community.​

170 years of Care, Research and Learning at The Royal Melbourne Hospital

RMH Medical Voices: oral histories with our senior doctors

Lived memories provide an insight into events and activities that are not recorded in written records. The Royal Melbourne Hospital is actively preserving some of these lived memories through oral history recordings with senior medical staff who were practising during the establishment and growth of our various medical specialities from the 1960s onwards.

Listen to interviews with these doctors as they recount their impressions and experiences.

Then and now - RMH 170th - theatre

Then and Now – online photographic exhibition

Be transported back in time and see some of our most treasured historical photos placed side-by-side with modern-day versions, and read about how we've transformed over the last 170 years.

View the Then and Now photographic exhibition.

Read more about our incredible history.