Information about the role of consumer and carer representatives at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), and how to become involved. 

Consumer representative is the term we use to describe people who support us by providing a patient, carer and community perspective in decision-making, service planning and improvement. 

They are people who currently use our health services (patients, consumers and their carers and families) and community members who may need to in the future.

Areas where our consumer representatives often help us include:

  • Developing patient information, such as brochures
  • Planning improvements and changes in how we provide services
  • Being part of our discussions on quality, safety and patient experience
  • Helping with staff and volunteer training and recruitment
How can you be involved?
How to become a consumer or carer representative
Why be involved?
Why do we value partnership with consumers and carers?
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Consumer Participation
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Last updated 15 December 2022