People with a disability remain one of the most disadvantaged groups of Australians and encounter barriers to participation in the things most people take for granted. The collective experiences of people with a disability demonstrates again and again that it is not just the disability itself that makes life difficult but the barriers that society imposes because of disability.

The inaugural Disability Action Plan 2019-22 marks a significant step in supporting diversity and inclusion for both the people we employ and the people we serve and engage throughout our services. The Plan helps us to identify, reduce and remove barriers experienced by people with a disability and sets out what we will do to make our workplace, services, and programs more accessible, welcoming and inclusive.

The Disability Action Plan is underpinned by the following principles which are fundamental for success of the plan:

  • Visible leadership commitment to disability inclusion which is aligned to MH’s values of caring, excellence, respect, integrity, unity
  • Active engagement and participation of staff and service users (including patients, consumers and carers) with disability in the design, delivery and evaluation of initiatives
  • Universal design principles applied to programs, policies, practice and infrastructure to ensure MH services are accessible to people of all abilities

We would like to thank the consumers, carers and staff who were involved in the development of the plan and look forward to working together to achieve outcomes for and with people with disability.


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.