We have launched of our new vision, values and plan for the future.

First in care, research and learning

Our vision, First in Care, Research and Learning was developed by our staff and broader community, based on the need for an aspirational vision that plays to, and builds upon our strengths, that was recognisably Melbourne Health.

Setting our direction, it affirms our commitment to deliver world-class care for our community. It requires us to move forward building on our strong foundation of firsts, so that we can be leaders across all parts of our service, locally, nationally and globally.

We have six priorities that will focus us on what is important to achieve our vision. Written and developed by our staff from across each part of Melbourne Health, these priorities will guide our decision making. The decisions each of us make and the activities we undertake day to day over the next five years will affect their achievement.

Our values and behaviours guide the way we must work together to achieve our vision. We are committed to living our values in everything we do.

It is an exciting time as we move forward on this journey together to provide world-class care, research and learning.


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.