RMH ensures the experiences of consumers and their carers effectively drive improvements in safety and quality.

One of the ways we achieve this is through consumer and carer representation on committees and working groups. The purpose of this engagement is to:

  • ensure we are responsive to patient and consumer needs and priorities
  • build a collaborative approach to all our service designs and improvements
  • promote transparency in discussions regarding safety and quality
  • invite an alternative, but equally important perspective in discussions and decision making

How well did we do?

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has active consumer and carer representation on a range of governance committees and working groups. Some are ongoing, while others have been established to achieve a specific goal, such as redesigning the RMH City Campus foyer and the Disability Working Group.

Why is this measure important?

Partnering with and empowering our patients and consumers is one of the Royal Melbourne Hospital's Strategic Priorities for 2015-20. This measure is important as it helps us to track the level of consumer and carer engagement across the organisation and identify where there may be gaps and areas for improvement.

What are we doing to continue to improve?

Successful participation of consumers and carers is supported by formal training, board and executive leadership and consumer / carer commitment.

Feedback is sought from consumers, carers, the Chair and support people annually to:

  • better understand how consumer engagement through participation in committees and working groups contributes to us
  • identify opportunities for future development in this area.

How can you support us to increase consumer and carer participation?

If you are interested in becoming a consumer or carer representative on a committee or working group please contact Consumer Participation.

Other ways you may like to get involved include:

  • completing interviews or surveys
  • sharing your 'patient, consumer or carer story' – your experience of interacting with the hospital
  • attending our annual Community Board Meeting
  • participating on staff interview panels
  • participating in focus groups assisting with gathering patient and consumer feedback or audits of quality measures

Consumer and carer involvement

We ensure the experiences of consumers and their carers effectively drive improvements in safety and quality. One of the ways we achieve this is through consumer and carer representation on committees and working groups.

There are 52 committees and working groups across RMH with active consumer and carer representation:

Committee or working group nameNotes
Allied Health Quality and Research Committee
Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee
Behaviours of Concern Working Group
Cardiovascular Renal and Endocrine Quality and Improvement Committee
Clinical Ethics Committee
Clinical Governance Standard Committee
Cognitive Impairment Committee
Communicating for Safety Committee
Community Advisory CommitteeConsumer or Carer Deputy Chair
Community CommitteeConsumer or Carer Chair
Consent Working Group
Critical Care and Investigative Services Quality and Improvement Committee
Cultural Transformation Steering Committee
Disability Working Group
Drug & Therapeutics Advisory Committee
ED Management of Clinical Aggression Committee
ED Quality and Transformation Committee
EMR Patient Portal Advisory Group
Family Safety Committee
Foundation EMR Clinical Council
Foyer Redesign Working Group
Hand Hygiene Committee
Health literacy Working GroupConsumer or Carer Co-Chair
Hello My Name Is Project Group
Hello My Name Is Working Group
Heritage Committee
Human Research Ethics Committee
ICU Quality Committee
Improvement Steering Group – Patient Opinion
Infection Prevention & Surveillance Committee
LGBTIQ+ Working Group
Medication Safety Committee
Medicine & Community Care Quality Committee
MH Quality Committee
Neuroscience, Cancer & Infection Medicine Quality Committee
New Technology and Clinical Practice Committee
New Technology and Clinical Practice Committee
North Western BreastScreen Service Quality Committee
Nursing Assistant Steering Group
Personalising end of life planning and care committee
Quality and Population Health Advisory Committee
Recognising and responding to acute deterioration committee
Research Advisory Council
Respect and Partnership in Care Committee
Skin Integrity Working Group
SPOTSO Quality Committee
Strengthening hospital responses to family violence steering Committee
Sub-Acute Physiotherapy Redesign Governance Committee
Telehealth Steering Committee
Transfusion Committee
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Consumer Advisory Committee
We Care Triage Group