We will build on our strengths in care, research and learning, while also meeting the digital transformation and environmental sustainability demands of the future. That’s the challenge we’ve set ourselves in our five-year Strategic Plan: Towards 2025: Advancing health for everyone, every day.

In the development of our strategic plan and the defining of our five strategic goals, we asked our people across the organisation, including the board and external stakeholders to tell us what they thought our future health service should strive to be.

Our people are our biggest strength. And we’re committed to empowering them to deliver great care for our patients and consumers – nurturing that inclusive spirit that makes us who we are.

To develop the plan, we spoke to over 1000 people during 2019. From our patients and consumers, to our staff and partners, we explored our values, purpose – and what it means to be part of our organisation.

Our board, executive, senior leadership and a diverse group of employees across the organisation from different craft groups played an important role in shaping the plan and defining our five strategic goals.

In the plan, we consider the changing landscape of healthcare to explore the opportunities and challenges we face in the future. It’s these drivers that will influence how we provide care and the range of sub-strategies and programs we must put in place to achieve our goals.

We’re proud to share our five strategic goals:

1. Be a great place to work and a great place to receive care
2. Grow our Home First approach
3. Realise the potential of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct
4. Become a digital health service
5. Strive for sustainability

Our Values

People First
Lead with Kindness
Excellence Together

Our Purpose

Advancing health, for everyone, every day

Community Promise

Always there when it matters most


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