Accidents do happen, so it's important that if you are involved in a transport accident or a workplace accident, that you get the support you need to cover the cost of your treatment at the hospital.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) regulations

If your attendance or admission to The Royal Melbourne is related to a transport accident injury, you need to lodge a claim with the TAC. You will be asked to sign a Patient Election Form that will enable us to assist you with initiating this claim.

Whilst TAC aims to deliver your entitlements as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is reliant on you providing all relevant information quickly, to assist with processing your claim in a timely manner.

When you attend The Royal Melbourne for treatment for your accident injuries, you will need to have this claim number available to inform RMH staff, so that we can forward your associated costs to TAC for payment.

Failure to lodge a TAC claim may result in accounts being forwarded to you for payment.

For more information about transport accidents, visit the TAC website.


If an accident or serious incident has occurred whilst you are at work both employers and injured workers are required to follow steps to ensure that they meet their obligations in the claims process.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you must report it to your employer as soon as possible. If your attendance or admission to The Royal Melbourne is related to a workplace accident or injury, you need to ensure that a claim is made through WorkCover (VWA) by your employer. If you have not notified your employer within 30 days of becoming aware of the injury, you may not be entitled to compensation.

You need to provide The Royal Melbourne with correct employer details in order for all associated WorkCover invoices to be forwarded to them for payment. We will liaise with your employer on your behalf to settle all associated accounts; however we may need your assistance in following up any unsettled invoices.

For more information about WorkCover, visit the Worksafe website.


Information for TAC patients
We will assist you in getting back on your feet (PDF,924.64 KB)
Information for WorkCover patients
We will work together to get you well (PDF,835.26 KB)
Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.

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