The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a partner in the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Project, a $1 billion initiative which aspires to be one of the best cancer centres in the world.

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The VCCC is based on the principle that the more minds dedicated to working together, the faster we will find ways to reduce the impact of cancer in our community. The new facility will accommodate hundreds of researchers, working across the centre’s eight partner organisations.

The VCCC is a powerful alliance between:

  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Hospital and
  • Western Health.

The RMH brings to the VCCC high quality cancer treatment programs, strong translational research and extensive surgical and medical expertise built on its foundation as a university teaching hospital.

Patients with a range of cancers, including general oncology, breast, lung, colorectal, upper gastro-intestinal, head and neck, skin cancer and melanoma, neurological and urological cancers are treated at the hospital. Our Clinical Haematology unit investigates and treats blood disorders, including leukaemia and lymphoma. Over the past 20 years, the hospital has developed the largest bone marrow transplantation (BMT) service in Victoria and is the only service in the state to provide adult Cord Blood Transplants.

Staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital have had a key role in the discovery and development of significant cancer breakthroughs including the first human trials of Colony Stimulating Factors, which can help people recover from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and establishing the first centre for Leukaemia Genetics.

As one of only two adult trauma centres in Victoria, the largest renal transplant service in the State, and one of the partner organisations in the Melbourne Brain Centre, The Royal Melbourne Hospital brings high quality medical speciality services and other key support services to cancer patients such as critical care and emergency medicine.

Located across from The Royal Melbourne Hospital in Grattan Street, the VCCC will incorporate the relocated Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Buildings on both sides of Grattan Street will be linked by covered bridges, allowing patients, visitors and staff to move freely and easily between the two facilities.

The VCCC will provide a world-class model of care for cancer patients by combining best practice from the Royal Melbourne, Peter Mac and The Women’s. The VCCC development will form part of the expanded north side of The Royal Melbourne Hospital and includes a 42 bed Intensive Care Unit, doubling the capacity of the current Royal Melbourne ICU and offering a first class critical care service to Peter Mac and The Women’s patients.

Expanded facilities within The Royal Melbourne will also include a 32 bed haematology ward and two operating theatres with one new intra operative MRI, more compact and manoeuvrable than other MRIs.

The aim of the VCCC is to enable the joint venture partners to speed up the discovery of new cancer treatments, attract the nation’s leading cancer researchers and provide a centre of excellence for people affected by cancer.

Construction of the $1 billion facility has been funded through a joint Federal and State initiative and the facility was completed mid-2016.