Geoffrey Hamilton, an RMH patient who is battling leukaemia, has been knitting beanies to raise money for the RMH. He shares his story.

Geoffrey Hamilton
Geoffrey Hamilton

“My wife, Jan and I recently moved from Wagga Wagga in NSW to a farm 60 minutes south of Launceston in Tasmania. Previously we had spent 25 years in Wagga which is near where I grew up on a farm. I am an engineer but have been involved in a range of businesses over the last 20 years including an aviation tourist business based in the Kimberley WA.

"I am a pilot and fly both aeroplanes and helicopters. I also play the bagpipes – but think they might be a bit too noisy for Ward 7B!

"I was diagnosed late in August (totally out of the blue), in the local medical clinic at Campbelltown (2000 people) in Tasmania but I relocated to Melbourne for the best treatment available. The relocation was a little traumatic as the staff in the Launceston General Hospital did not see a reason for me to move hospitals, but I explained that we had an apartment in Docklands that would make it easier for my family to visit, and myself when out of hospital.

"I was lucky that a friend was able to fly down from Wagga in a private aircraft and re-locate me to Melbourne the day of diagnosis.

"Why beanies? I have never knitted before but Jan encouraged me to learn to knit to help pass some time. If you follow the instructions knitting is not that difficult. I would like the proceeds to go towards the sculpture garden on the west side of Ward 7B.

"That is because I spent 4 weeks on that side of the ward looking at a concrete floor and grey colour-bond wall outside my window – not very inspiring!

"My advice for others with leukaemia? Listen to the doctors – they are fantastic and certainly know their stuff! Take one day at a time as things often change which means you can't plan too far ahead.”