Campania Sport and Social Club members decided to do something special for the RMH in 2017.

Campania Sport and Social Club's building in Preston
Campania Sport and Social Club's building in Preston

Campania Sport and Social Club were formed in 1975 by a group of Italian men who previously lived in the Campania region in Italy. The men met each week for social activities, to relive their memories of their homeland and ensure their traditions and culture were passed on to the next generation. They also encouraged people from other cultures to join their group so they could share and learn from each other.

The members decided to dissolve the club in December 2016 and sold the building they owned in Preston in February 2017. The Campania Club had always been involved in fundraising and had raised money for many community causes and appeals, so the members elected to split the funds between four hospitals, with one being The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Through this gift of kindness, The Royal Melbourne Hospital is able to replace the current out-dated Radiology Imaging machine in one of the busiest Radiology departments in Victoria. The department performs over 600 inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic procedures every day. The new machine will improve patient outcomes and safety, as well as increase workflow and productivity.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is enormously grateful for the generosity of Campania Sport and Social Club, who are really making a difference to the lives of our patients.

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