Our dedicated donors are the pulse of the RMH Foundation community. It’s through their continuous support that we are able to optimise the future of medicine at the RMH and raise significant funds for patient care, research and facility upgrades. 

Each month we like to give one lucky donor the spotlight to recognise their contribution to the Foundation and this month it is Mernda Primary School.

In last June 2020, students and teachers at Mernda Primary School held a special dress up day to raise money for The RMH and our work surrounding COVID-19.

Students were able to dress up as a superhero or an essential worker including doctors, nurses, teachers and shop keepers.

Since the school term was interrupted by Coronavirus restrictions, students were eager to get back to on-site learning and be with their teachers and friends. Thanks to their incredible efforts, Mernda Primary School was able to raise $706 in gold coin donations and we couldn't be more proud!

A special thank you to Mernda Primary School for acknowledging the hard work our hospital is doing. Also, we like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the teachers whose important work is keeping our little Victorians safe and their minds busy and bright.