Last year $50,000 was raised during the Dry July Campaign for the Royal Melbourne Hospital's cancer services. RMH Nurse, Hannah shares her experience

Hannah, Peta and Fiona - Dry July 2017
Hannah, Peta and Fiona - Dry July 2017

Dry July encourages people to give up the booze for the month of July and raises funds to support cancer patients, their carers and families. The Royal Melbourne Hospital raised nearly $50,000 last year. The money was used to purchase much needed equipment such as patient chairs and couches, as patients had been sitting on window sills to look outside; flooring rulers for each corridor for patients to see how far they have walked; and portable pulse oximeters, which measure oxygen levels in the blood. To add that extra bit of comfort within rooms, clocks and a standing desk were also purchased.

RMH’s very own Hannah held a bake-sale in her ward, raising $1350 with her colleagues Peta and Fiona.

“I can’t speak for Peta and Fiona, but the reason I wanted to give Dry July a shot this year was to set myself a personal challenge. I think having the two girls committed with myself meant we could bounce off one another to push through the 31 days and praise and encourage each others success. Peta and I are housemates so we often enjoy a cheeky drink together so we have a nice crisp bottle of white wine waiting for us in the fridge at the end of the month.

My dad had his own experience of cancer a couple of years ago now, which rocked our family a bit at the time. We are fortunate that he has overcome his illness, and we are thankful for the medical care he received to make his journey more tolerable. Dad himself completed Dry July last year, so it’s only fitting I gave it a good shot on his behalf. And now working as an oncology nurse in Ward 7B Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, I have experienced the cancer journey in yet another pair of shoes, on the other side of the fence and admire the health care team’s efforts.

Cancer is sadly a common occurrence, with many Kiwis and Australians experiencing it first hand or indirectly with their loved ones, family and friends. To be able to sacrifice a drink for 31 days, is a small do-able effort for such a great cause. I am so thankful for everyone’s support, it has been overwhelming. And I’m excited to see the final result for RMH and how we can utilise these donations to help the cancer services, patients and families in our care.”

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