Luke raised nearly $3,000 running in a marathon to raise money for the RMH after receiving urgent care when he was struck by a bus.

Luke’s Marathon Effort

Luke shares his story of how he came to fundraise for the Royal Melbourne.

“I was on a winery tour in Rutherglen when I was struck by a bus exiting a winery on the Queen’s birthday weekend in 2016. I suffered what is called a 'degloving' of most of my right leg and partially to my left leg. I was initially taken to Wangaratta hospital before being flown to RMH that night. I have little recollection of the first 24 hours in care with my first full memories being after my first surgery

"The staff were definitely the good – everybody from the cleaners to the pain team, social workers and nurses were all amazing to me for the whole 5 weeks I was in RMH. I wasn’t able to sit up for 4-5 days at the beginning and couldn’t leave the confines of my bed for most of my stay. I had to rely on the staff (as well as my partner) to do everything for me. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone and everything was always done with a smile which made my stay so much easier. In what is such a difficult job and a difficult ward, I couldn’t believe how amazing the staff were to me no matter what was happening elsewhere.

"The bad was the amount of operations and procedures I had to endure… I had 8 operations and a number of smaller procedures which were sometimes agony – I was on a concoction of painkillers which made me lose my appetite even though I had to fast for approximately 18 days I was in hospital. My first dressing change when I was awake lasted over 12 hours and I had over 400 staples taken from my legs.

"Why marathon running? I no longer play football or do anything too 'extreme' so I wanted to challenge myself to something I was able to do – run. I was told by the doctors I may not be able to run again as my skin graft went over my knee and it may not have enough bend to allow me to run. Thanks to the great work by the physio team at Epworth, I ran for the first time approximately 6 months post-accident. I challenged myself to the marathon so I could raise money for the people that had looked after me so well and to prove the doctors wrong!

"I want the proceeds to go to the staff on the ward to use as they want. A lot of money often goes in to research, equipment and redevelopment rather than the staff themselves. I want the money to go to the staff as recognition of how well they looked after me in what was a horrible time for me and my family. Hopefully it gives them a nicer work environment or even just a nice dinner out!

"My advice for others going through a tough time? You’re a lot tougher than you think! It’s amazing when you look back on life and see what challenges you’ve overcome and what you have had to endure. Take the small wins when they happen and don’t dwell on the setbacks (they will always happen). Set yourself goals and push as hard as you can to achieve them. Thank you to everyone that was involved in my recovery. You don’t realise how nice people can be and how much they have to give when you are going through a tough time. I couldn't have done this without the support and love from the hundreds of people that either directly or indirectly cared for me.”