From tie-dye to birthday money, these young Victorians are part of an inspiring new generation of philanthropists giving back to The RMH in our time of need.

In mid-May, Annabel Wang was 9 going on 10 when she decided that her $300 worth of birthday money would go to the RMH Foundation. When asked why she wanted to give to the RMH, Annabel said that she wanted to help the doctors and nurses because they were saving lives. Annabel's little brother Alex also said thank you by drawing a picture for our staff.

11 year old Olivia Karcoushkas whose tie-dye creations have risen to popularity began fundraising in memory of her aunty Laura who sadly passed away in December 2018. So far, Olivia has raised over $1500 with a percentage of proceeds going straight to The RMH ICU.

Find Olivia on Instagram @T_D_Designs_

Violet Town resident Elliette Jeffrey has taken up sewing under the guidance of her grandma, so that she can sell facemasks to the wider community. The 11 year old’s project will see 100% of profits go towards organisations developing a vaccine for COVID-19 (including The RMH).

They may be little but their initiative is making a big difference to The RMH and the Victorian community. Thank you Annabel, Olivia and Elliette for your outstanding contribution.