With your generous support, we have funded major renovations, research, education and training, vital life-saving equipment, volunteers, patient care and much more.

These funds are made possible by many generous supporters, individuals, community groups, charities, companies, trusts and foundations whose contribution reverberate throughout our hospital.

Foundation newsletters and philanthropy reports

Read our current and previous editions of our newsletter, The Royal News as well as our annual Foundation Philanthropy Report.

Research funding

Research is a key focus for The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Funds from previous RMH Home Lotteries support a number of research positions including the Executive Director of Research and the Associate Professor of Nursing Research. An endowment arrangement is in place with lottery funds to provide ongoing revenue for these positions.

The Research Advisory Council monitors the research activity through progress reports and outcomes.

Equipment and technology

Every patient admitted to ICU needs a ventilator – if they can’t breathe, this machine will do it for them

Your support has helped to purchase:

  • An ICU Ventilator - Puritan Bennett
  • 2 TEKMED Haemofilters
  • 2 Theatre Anesthetic Workstation
  • 2 Theatre Operating Tables
  • 50 ICU and Wards Air Humidifiers
  • 20 Wards Pulse Oximiters
  • 3 Wards Bladder Scanners
  • 2 Patient Hoists
  • 200 Patient Bedside Chairs
  • 30 Electronic Beds – particularly important in caring for our older patients
  • BiPap Ventilator for Cardiology

Cardiology pacemaker and defibrillator database

This database enables the secure storage of all patients’ pacemaker and defibrillator testing results and pacemaker programs, tracking our patients and supporting planning of elective replacement times for pacemakers and defibrillators, ensuring our cardiology service continues its world-class care.

Patient flow management system

Patient flow management is key to effective hospital operations and optimal patient care. It has a fundamental association with patient access / bed occupancy and essential to our ability to meet future 4 hour emergency admission patient care commitments. This technology will dramatically help improve our patient care experience in future years.

Cooling blankets

Another life-saving contribution was made to our intensive care unit was made by the Syd and Ann Wellard Perpetual Trust who donated $30,000 towards the purchase of two new cooling blankets.

Mobile x-ray

Thank you to Muriel and Les Batten Foundation for their ongoing generous support of the Hospital with a $265,000 gift to fund a mobile x-ray unit and C-Arm fluoroscopy unit.

The mobile x-ray unit will be used at a patient’s bedside when they are too unwell to move and the C-Arm mobile fluoroscopy unit produces a live x-ray image feed that is displayed on monitors to guide surgeons during a wide range of surgical procedures.