Taking a break from alcohol seems tough, but it’s nothing in comparison to what cancer patients are going through. 

RMH Dry July

Each year Dry July raises more than $100,000 for our hospital's cancer services and enables us to continue providing the best possible care to all cancer patients. With 2020 already proving to be quite a challenge, we need our community to come together to help us raise these crucial funds, now more than ever.

To make going dry a little easier, Dry July have introduced Dry(ish) July. Instead of holding out for the whole month you can try 14 days, 21 days or any duration of your own choosing! No matter how long you choose to go dry for, you will be raising vital funds for people affected by cancer, not to mention you'll discover the amazing health benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle.

Sign up today at the RMH Dry July website.