You might think 31 days without alcohol seems tough, but it’s nothing compared to what cancer patients are going through.  

RMH Dry July 2017 Support Us

The average Australian household spends $35 a week on booze - and it’s no coincidence that 63% of us are overweight. This increases our chances of getting a number of serious illnesses, including cancer; in fact, one in two of us are going to get cancer by the age of 85.

Our cancer ward is in desperate need of help – more and more people are falling victim to this dreadful disease and we simply don’t have the equipment to help them – your family, your friends, even you might need us one day. Here’s your opportunity to help our cancer ward get a much needed makeover, and in the process, you might even nab yourself a whole new kind of “six-pack”!

Support The RMH on the Dry July website and join the cause.