Will you please support much-needed research that will improve the standard of diabetes care for patients like Andrew?

Diabetes Appeal 2019

Andrew has diabetes. The disease has landed him hospital more than 40 times and nearly killed him.

Andrew was a fit, healthy 40 year-old. Then he got a bone infection in his toe. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and his life changed forever.

In the two decades since, Andrew has been in hospital more than 40 times. He’s had many painful surgeries on his toe and almost died from a pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart).

Andrew also developed kidney disease and spent three and a half years on dialysis while he waited for a new kidney.

Around a third of all patients at The Royal Melbourne Hospital have diabetes. They need the very best care and treatment to prevent dangerous glucose extremes and life-threatening complications.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is doing exciting research that will lift the standard of diabetes care here and hospitals across Australia. But to keep it going, we need help from people like you in the community.

Please support much-needed diabetes research that will save and improve the lives of more people like Andrew.

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