Your organisation can help deliver world-class health care at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation seeks transformational, long-term and meaningful relationships with leading businesses and organisations. These partnerships enable the RMH Foundation to provide financial support in the areas of patient care, research and teaching.

Thanks to the generous investment of our corporate partners, the RMH has been able to purchase innovative equipment and technology, fund workforce training and development initiatives, invest in clinical research and build infrastructure for the future.

We work closely with our partners to understand their objectives and tailor impact areas and recognition plans to meet their goals.

To discover how you can make a difference in health care by partnering with the RMH Foundation, please contact Gareth Scott, Associate Director – Corporate Partnerships by phone or email.

The RMH Foundation
(03) 9342 8407
Jane Bell House
Level 4
10 Wreckyn Street
North Melbourne, Victoria

A list of members of our Corporate Partners Circle is available on Our supporters.

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