Fundraising by holding an event or participating in an activity such as Dry July is a fun way to engage your community to support the world-class care provided at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Whether you kick-start your own fundraising activity or join an event, the money you raise will help ensure the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is always there when it matters most.

You can choose where you would like your funds to go, including areas such as intensive care, cancer services or even towards facility upgrades and research programs.

The RMH Foundation Community Giving Hub

Start by downloading our fundraising guidelines to ensure your efforts tick all the right boxes.

Once your activity or event is approved, we will send you an authority to fundraise form allowing you to raise funds on behalf of the RMH.

Finally, all you have to do is set up your personalised fundraising page and watch your tally rise! Be sure to share the link with family and friends on social media and hashtag #doitfortheroyalmelbourne.

Visit The RMH Foundation Community Giving Hub to start fundraising today!

From all of us at the RMH Foundation, we'd like to thank you for helping us advance health care for everyone, every day.

Go Dry in July for the RMH

Each year the RMH and Dry July partner to raise funds to improve cancer patient care at the RMH.

Not only are you providing much needed funds for the RMH, going alcohol-free for a month can have many potential health benefits:

  • Increased energy levels, higher productivity
  • Better concentration
  • No more hangovers
  • Sleeping better and snoring less
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Healthier bank balance

It’s a win-win!

Visit Dry July for more information.

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