The Royal Melbourne Hospital is one of Australia’s leading public healthcare providers.

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Our mission is simple - to provide world-class healthcare for our community by embracing discovery and learning, building collaborative relationships, and engaging patients in their care.

Are you interested in a career in nursing, medical or allied health at the RMH? Find out more about our career opportunities, education and graduate programs.

Nursing careers

A nursing career with the RMH is a rewarding experience, offering great prospects for career diversity and professional advancement.

Find out more about nursing careers, graduate programs, current positions and casual work for nurses.

Medical careers

We have a comprehensive education and training program for clinicians at all levels, including a clinical school for undergraduates.

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Allied Health careers

Allied Health improves people’s lives. We offer a wide range of care and support to our patients, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. See the "Care & support" section within our clinical services listings for more information.

Corporate & administration careers

We need more than nurses, doctors and allied health professionals to run the hospital.

View current job vacancies for corporate and administration positions.

Staff benefits

Staff are the most important asset of any organisation. At RMH, we have a range of initiatives to support employees in their work as well as recognising the achievements and contributions of individuals and teams.

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