All basic physician training in Victoria is provided through Consortia comprised of metropolitan and rural hospitals.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is part of the Greater Western Basic Physician Training Consortium, which includes rotations across the organisation, as well as Western Health, Ballarat Health Services and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. Successful applicants who are matched to The Royal Melbourne Hospital will be guaranteed at least two rotations at RMH.

The Greater Western Basic Physician Training Consortium offers a comprehensive program with all rotations accredited by the RACP and is focussed on candidates preparing for the written and clinical RACP examinations.

Applications for positions in 2023 will open and close in line with the dates published by PMCV.

Educational opportunities

As a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching. You will receive formal and informal educational opportunities including a weekly Professorial Report and Grand Round, public long cases (or journal club depending on the time of year), unit specific educational meetings, and audit and morbidity/mortality meetings.

For BPT2s and BPT3s, a structured written exam lecture series is delivered by specialist consultants and a cohesive clinical examination preparation is provided encompassing consultant led long and short case tutorials, bedside teaching, practice examinations and specialty sessions in neuro-ophthalmology, rheumatology, endocrinology and cardiology.

All trainees will receive end of term feedback on their performance.

Support and mentoring

BPTs will have educational supervisors and professional development advisors allocated as part of their enrolment in the RACP’s PREP program and will complete the specific tasks required through this program.

Various career development activities are conducted throughout the year including goals of care seminars, basic and advanced life support training, interview training and advanced training information sessions run by advanced trainees detailing how to maximise your chances of being selected into specialty training.


The following rotations are available at RMH and affiliated hospitals

  • aged care registrar (City Campus)
  • cardiology
  • emergency medicine (optional)
  • gastroenterology
  • general medicine registrar
  • immunology / clinical genetics
  • intensive care medicine registrar (BPT3 only)
  • clinical haematology / bone marrow transplant
  • nephrology
  • neurology registrar (BPT3 only)
  • respiratory medicine
  • psychiatry
  • relieving (includes advanced trainee leave cover)

Affiliated Hospitals

Albury Wodonga Healthgeneral medicine and sub-specialty medicine, allocated by the health service
Ballarat Healthrotations allocated by health service
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centremedical oncology, general medicine
Northeast Health Wangaratta general medicine
Western / Footscraycardiology, neurology, general medicine
Application and selection

Application and selection criteria will be available closer to the opening date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important dates

All appointments for Doctors in Training at RMH are covered by the Victorian Public Health Doctors in Training Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021. An enterprise agreement will include salary and leave entitlements.

Can I update my application after I have submitted it online?

Yes, as long as the position has not closed. All you need to do is find the position you applied for on the eMercury recruitment website, choose the 'Apply' and start entering in your details again (as though you had never applied before), the system will recognise you and automatically bring up all the details you had entered in your initial application. You can then change any details or attachments. Again, once you complete the application process, you should receive an email acknowledgement.

How are interviews arranged?

Should you be shortlisted, you will be sent an email with a link and invited to book an interview via our online booking website.

How do you allocate rotations?

Allocations are coordinated via a central process using a preference form system. All successful applicants are required to complete a preference form where each rotation is numbered in order of preference. There is also an opportunity to write any details to support your preferences such as college requirements.

How can I guarantee that I can get a certain rotation?

There is no way to guarantee that you will be allocated any specific rotation. It simply depends on how many people rank that rotation as their first preference and how many positions we have available each year.

What if I am allocated a rotation I did not preference highly?

We do our best to allocate rotations fairly across the three years of Basic Physician Training however it is inevitable that not everyone will be satisfied with all their rotations. In this situation, you are able to swap your rotation with a colleague and also swap into rotations as and when they become available during the year. The Medical Workforce Unit do their best to work with you in swapping rotations.

How many positions are available in 2023?

We will be recruiting approximately 56 trainees across BPT 2 and 3. Selection into each year of basic physician training is conducted in a standardised manner whereby trainees are assessed on their merits utilising interview, CV, reference and work-based assessments.