The RMH will have 80 intern positions in 2019, including one indigenous internship position and one position job shared by two people.

Interns will complete all mandatory requirements over the course of the year. Most interns will be required to a complete one rural rotation and will also complete some supervised night duty.

Applications are now open.

Intern PGY1 2019 application type:
Priority group 1Apply for group 1
Priority group 2 and 3 Apply for group 2 & 3
Indigenous internshipApply for indigenous
Job share internship - priority group 1Apply for job share
Indigenous internship

In 2015, we introduced our indigenous internships. We are proud to continue this into 2019.

Melbourne Health is committed to promoting, developing and fostering improvements and opportunities in indigenous health for patients, the community and its indigenous health workforce. In addition to this intern position, other recent initiatives include the annual Indigenous Health Oration (Prof Ian Anderson oration), the Cultural Competency and Safety Education Package and the Aboriginal Employment Plan.

All final year students who are of indigenous or Torres Strait Islander descent are eligible to apply. There is no minimum University Z score and candidates from priority groups 1, 2 or 3 are encouraged to apply.

For further information, please contact our proudly indigenous emergency physician, Dr Glenn Harrison who would be more than happy to answer any queries regarding our Indigenous Programs at RMH.

Job share internship

In 2015, we introduced a job share internship which is a structured arrangement over two years. It is ideal for those who are unable to commit to a full time internship for various reasons. Applications for this position will be additional to the normal recruitment process and successful applicants will be advised before the PMCV match takes place so they can withdraw from the match. You may apply with someone else however applications will be considered separately, not jointly, and the most suitable candidates will be selected.

Structure of job share internship is as follows:

  • two year program
  • minimum roster blocks of two week for RMH rotations
  • minimum roster blocks of five weeks for rural rotations

To apply for the job share internship you must be a Priority group 1 candidate and submit an application as per the instructions for the Priority Group 1 candidates, after submission of your application you must email and advise you wish to apply for the job share internship and include reasons why you are applying for the job share position.

You will be advised the outcome of your application for the job share internship position prior to the PMCV match close date and if successful you will need to withdraw from the PMCV match prior to the closing date.

Priority group 2 and 3 candidates are not eligible to apply.


The following rotations are available at RMH and Affiliated hospitals:

Royal Melbourne HospitalAffiliated hospitals

General medicine - core
General surgery - core
Emergency medicine - core

Specialty rotations include:

  • breast & endocrine
  • colorectal surgery
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • hepatobiliary
  • infectious diseases (VIDS)
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • palliative care
  • psychiatry
  • rehabilitation
  • nephrology surgery (transplant)
  • respiratory medicine
  • rheumatology
  • stroke
  • urology

Ballarat - Urology

Royal Women's Hospital - emergency, gynaecology oncology

Wangaratta - emergency, general medicine, general surgery

Wimmera (Horsham) - general medicine, general surgery, emergency, including anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology

Application and selection

To apply for Internship at RMH, you must ensure you meet the criteria below and the eligibility criteria for the PMCV computer match prior to proceeding with your application.

Calendar for 2018

30 April

RMH 2019 Intern Recruitment Expo
5pm – 7pm, RMH Function and Convention Centre

1 May Applications open
1 JuneApplications close at 5pm
4 JuneInvitations for interview sent
6 - 27 JuneInterview period
9 JulyPMCV Match Results

Academic results - minimum university Z score for all applicants will be 3.5

There will be a minimum university Z score of 3.5 for all 2019 applications.

Curriculum vitae (CV)

The PMCV Standardised CV template will be required to be submitted with your application.

Cover letter (not required)

The eMercury system may request that you upload a cover letter and / or references. The RMH does not require a cover letter as part of your application however unfortunately this function cannot be disabled within the system. As such, please upload a blank document as these documents will not be viewed by Medical Workforce.

References (not required)

References do not form part of our selection criteria.

Group interview

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to book an interview via our online booking system. More information on interviews is in the frequently asked questions section below.

Priority group 2 and 3 candidates

The number of positions available is governed by the PMCV and varies each year. For historical data on the distribution of positions for priority groups, please see the PMCV Intern Match Report. We are not able to advise if positions will be offered to Priority group 2 and 3 candidates. Historically we have offered positions to Priority group 2 candidates only, on a rare occasion a position has been offered to a Priority group 3 candidate after and separate to the PMCV intern match.

Priority group 2 and 3 eligible candidates are asked to apply via eMercury to a separate advertisement titled Intern PGY1 (PMCV Computer Match) 2018 The Royal Melbourne Hospital - Priority Group 2 & 3 Candidates.

Frequently asked questions

Group Interview

How do I book an interview?

Should you be shortlisted, you will be sent an email with a link and invited to book an interview via our online booking website. We will ensure there is an interview space for each shortlisted candidate. Should you have limited availability, it is advised you book a place as soon as you receive the email as no additional sessions will be offered.

What can I expect in the interview?

The interview panel will consist of one Medical Specialist/Consultant and one clinical member of staff. Up to 6 candidates are interviewed at one time. The focus of the interview is to share information, find out a bit more about you and why you want to complete your Internship at RMH.

Why do RMH conduct group interviews when you get to know me better one-on-one?

The Royal Melbourne Hospital focuses on collaboration, unity and teamwork and we feel group interviews provides us with a platform to assess these attributes.

Will there be an opportunity for questions during the group interview?

Yes, there will be opportunity for questions and general discussion however as there is only 60 minutes allocated per interview session there may not be enough time for us to answer all of your questions. If you intend on asking a question we ask you to please be mindful of your colleagues and the time constraints.

What should I do to prepare for the interview?

Research RMH, use the internet, talk to friends, alumni, colleagues or other people already working at RMH. Use your initiative; ask yourself, what do you think we would like to learn about you?

Rotation and leave allocations

How do I select which rotations I want?

Soon after contracts are issued to successful applicants, a roster preference form is emailed. The roster preference form will contain many different options that are pre-set roster allocations for the entire year, all of which need to be numbered from most desirable to least desirable. The forms are then used by MWU to find a fair balance that generates the highest number of desirable outcomes for the largest number of interns.

How much leave are interns given and how is it allocated?

Interns accrue 5 weeks of annual leave. Two weeks is pre-allocated during your ED term and the remaining three at the end of your internship. Annual leave is incorporated within the pre-set roster allocations.


When will Intern orientation commence?

Find out further details on Intern orientation.