The RMH will have 80 intern positions in 2022, including two Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander internship positions.

Applications for 2022 Internship at The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) are now open. We are looking for applicants with excellent clinical knowledge and skills, high level communication and team work skills, values consistent with those of RMH and a commitment to lifelong learning.

At the RMH we understand and recognise the importance of dedicated support and supervision to enable the transition from Medical Student to Intern and beyond. Internships can be a challenging transition for many new doctors. We make every effort to ensure you feel supported and prepared in our hospital. We are excited to welcome applicants who have a genuine desire to commence a medical career with us.

Applications are now open:

Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander internships

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is committed to promoting, developing and fostering improvements and opportunities in indigenous health for patients, the community and its indigenous health workforce. In addition to these intern positions, other recent initiatives include the annual Indigenous Health Oration (Prof Ian Anderson Oration), the Cultural Competency and Safety Education Package and the Aboriginal Employment Plan.

All final year medical students who identify as Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander and are eligible and registered for the PMCV computer match are eligible to apply for this position. You can be from any Priority group. General aptitude will be taken into consideration in the final selection process.

It is a condition of application that you discuss internship at RMH with one of the following Indigenous doctors who are a part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Working Group and also mentors for junior staff:

A confirmation of Aboriginality will be required at time of application. If you are unable to provide this, you are welcome to apply, however please discuss this with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mentors (Dr Glenn Harrison or Dr Luke Burchill).


The following rotations are available at RMH and Affiliated hospitals (subject to change):

Royal Melbourne HospitalAffiliated hospitals

General medicine - core
General surgery - core
Emergency medicine - core

Specialty rotations include:

  • breast & endocrine
  • colorectal surgery
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • hepatobiliary
  • infectious diseases (VIDS)
  • nephrology surgery (transplant)
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • palliative care
  • psychiatry
  • respiratory medicine
  • rheumatology
  • stroke
  • urology

Ballarat - Urology

Royal Women's Hospital - emergency, gynaecology oncology

Wangaratta - emergency, general medicine, general surgery

Wimmera (Horsham) - general medicine, general surgery, emergency, including anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology

Application and selection
  1. Refer to PMCV website for Allocation and Placement Service (APS) guidelines and dates, and register with PMCV APS.
  2. Apply to The Royal Melbourne Hospital through our Careers website. Applicants will be required to complete our online application form and upload a cover letter and resume.
Frequently asked questions


Will The Royal Melbourne Hospital ask for academic transcripts or take them into account on the CV if added as part of the application process?

This year Victorian universities are not providing/releasing z-scores or any ranking and for this reason, we are not using academic results. If you do have a transcript you would like to include in your application though, you are very welcome to add it in.

Is there a word limit to the cover letter or is it just 1 page?

There is no word limit to the cover letter however please be mindful we will be reading quite a few so request you look at trying to keep it within 1 page.

Must the specific RMH resume be in PMCV format?

No, the resume you upload for your RMH application does not need to be in the PMCV format. You can use a PDF of the PMCV resume format if you prefer.

In regards to the questions as part of The Royal Melbourne Hospital application-will these be available to complete in our own time or will we need to complete them in a certain timeframe?

You will be able to complete them between May 4 and June 3 2021.

I was wondering if clinical references from a registrar or fellow are acceptable or is it preferable to have only consultants complete references?

We do not have a preference for clinical references. Our recommendation is to choose a supervisor who have spent a reasonable amount of time with you, whether that be a registrar, fellow or consultant.

Rotation and leave allocations

How do I select which rotations I want?

Soon after contracts are issued to successful applicants, a roster preference form is emailed. The roster preference form will contain many different options that are pre-set roster allocations for the entire year, all of which need to be numbered from most desirable to least desirable. The forms are then used by MWU to find a fair balance that generates the highest number of desirable outcomes for the largest number of interns.

How much leave are interns given and how is it allocated?

Interns accrue 5 weeks of annual leave. Two weeks is pre-allocated during the year and the remaining three at the end of your internship. Annual leave is incorporated within the pre-set roster allocations.

Do all interns get the opportunity to work in affiliated Royal Melbourne hospitals such as Ballarat and Wangaratta?

Almost all interns do a rural regional rotation - for interns, this is at Wangaratta, Ballarat and Horsham.

I was wondering if you have any support for Indigenous applicants applying for a PGY2 position at The Royal Melbourne Hospital?

Almost every intern who wants to return as a PGY2 is able to, and this of course includes indigenous interns. We have more PGY2 positions than intern positions. Support is available from Dr Luke Burchill and Dr Glenn Harrison. Please see the intern recruitment webpage for their contact details.


When will Intern orientation commence?

Mandatory Intern Orientation commences on Monday 10 January 2022 and concludes Friday 14 January 2022.