The Medical Workforce Unit is responsible for the recruitment, credentialing and ongoing management and support of doctors in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

We help you with your employee functions and services - rotations, rostering and leave. We work closely with other administrative departments (People & Culture and Payroll), medical education, clinical units and external agencies (Medical Board and Department of Immigration) and effectively act as a one-stop shop for medical staff in the organisation.

The daily interactions of the Medical Workforce Unit and medical staff can be a joy, or it can be stressful at times. In all circumstances, in accordance with the Royal Melbourne Hospital values, we will relate to you with respect and professionalism - and we expect that this will be reciprocated.

For instance, when you need to call in sick, we ask that you notify us and the clinical unit as soon as possible so we can prepare for your absence and give your replacement - if one is required - adequate notice and rest.

If we need to recall you to work to replace an ill colleague because you are on the on-call roster, we will ask you politely, and thank you for accepting with understanding.

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