Here's a range of questions people ask about the Graduate Nurse Program...

How do I apply?

Look for the application process on the Graduate Nurse Program page.

How many intakes do you offer?

Two - January and February

How many positions do you offer?

Approximately 160

Do you offer part and full time positions?

We have a 0.8 EFT Graduate Nurse Program. Full time positions are limited to the perioperative area only. Please contact Nursing Education to find out more.

Do you provide an orientation program?

Yes, we provide a Graduate Nurse Program specific orientation program.

This GNP specific orientation program provides an opportunity for graduates to meet with other graduates and share experiences.

Do you have supernumerary days?

Yes, 4 days are provided following the GNP orientation program.

Following this orientation graduates usually feel much more confident and ready to start their graduate year. For those who need a little extra time, additional supernumerary days can be arranged.

How many clinical rotations do you offer?

We offer two clinical rotations. Each rotation is six months in duration. The aim is consolidation.

What kind of clinical rotations do you offer?

A wide variety of clinical placements are available both in the acute and sub-acute setting.

What kind of professional study days do you offer?

All study days are paid. Nursing Education team develop study days relevant to the clinical environment you are working in.

Are graduates able to attend other educational activities within the hospital?

Absolutely, many graduate nurses have attended the RMH Professional Development Program provided by Nursing Education.

There are always in-services provided each day in the clinical areas. The opportunities are endless.

Do you have a preceptorship program?

Yes, you will work with your preceptor for a period of 4-6 weeks where you will work similar shifts. All preceptors are trained and are of tremendous support to you during your graduate year.

Who else will support me in my graduate program?

We have ward specific Nurse Educators who are there to support graduate nurses.

The Nurse Unit Managers, Associate Nurse Unit Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Preceptors and our clinical staff are also available to support you in the clinical area.

Can I receive feedback about my application at any time?

Feedback will only be provided upon appointment following PMCV Allocations and Placement Service results. This feedback would be given in late October.

What if I am unable to attend my scheduled interview appointment?

Contact the Nursing Education via email or telephone as soon as possible.

Do you accept applications from interstate and New Zealand?

Yes we do, but you must be eligible for the PMCV computer match process.