The Addiction Medicine Service is designed to improve the referrer’s ability to look after their patients’ alcohol and/or other drug related problems. 

Inpatient services

The Addiction Medicine Service provides advice to inpatient's parent unit on the following:

  • Identifying patients at high risk of alcohol problems in the wards
  • Management of alcohol withdrawal in hospital
  • Management of drug withdrawal in hospital, including opioids, psychostimulants, cannabis, benzodiazepines, and other mind-altering drugs
  • Advice on managing pain in patients who are opioid tolerant or resistant because of illicit drug use of opioid substitution pharmacotherapy
  • Advice on post-discharge management of patients with alcohol and/or other drug use


Drug & Alcohol Liaison City Campus Outpatients, Level 1 Centre THU


Unfortunately we do not accept referrals to our Outpatient clinics for this service.