The Falls and Balance Clinic provides multidisciplinary assessment and management planning for patients who have had falls and who have mobility and balance problems.

The Falls and Balance Clinic has a team of health professionals with expertise in balance and mobility problems for older people.

After a detailed assessment the team will identify the main factors causing a patient's unsteadiness or falls, develop a management plan with them and provide information and support.

The staff in the clinic will work with patients, their carers and other health service providers to refer them to physiotherapy or exercise groups, provide information on how to make their home safer and simplify medication requirements. They may also offer counselling and other management strategies to help them maintain dignity, confidence and independence.

What will happen at the clinic?

A patient's initial assessment is divided into two visits. These are usually two weeks apart. Both visits will take about two hours:

  • On their first visit they will be seen by a specialist doctor and a podiatrist
  • On their second visit they will be seen by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse and sometimes a psychologist

We may organise a follow-up appointment about six weeks and again about six months later. We will be interested to know how their balance has been over that time and we will be happy to discuss any new concerns.


Anyone who experiences falls or balance related problems. We generally see people who live in the local city council areas of Melbourne, Moreland and Hume but may accept referrals from other areas after discussion.


We accept referrals from any source for this service, including GPs, family, carers, case managers and self-referral.

The Direct Access Unit also welcomes phone enquiries to discuss potential referrals or an existing referral.

Referrals are triaged depending on priority. Emergency cases can present to the Emergency & Trauma Service at any time.

To refer a patient, complete and fax your referral to Direct Access Unit on (03) 8387 2217.

You can use the following forms or a template from your own system.

Referrals should include:

  • relevant clinical history for the patient
  • list of current medications
  • the reason for referral
  • patient details including address, date of birth and contact phone numbers
  • your details and provider number
  • the name of the consultant (for Medicare clinics)

Consider making referrals for chronic conditions indefinite.

Once a referral has been received, a Care Coordinator will phone the patient to discuss their needs and organise appropriate services. The Care Coordinator will provide the patient with their phone number. Patients are encouraged to contact the Care Coordinator if they have any concerns.


Falls and Balance Clinic
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