The RMH@Home service provides inpatient acute and subacute care for patients in their home environment. It is a comfortable, safe and efficient substitution for in-hospital care for a wide range of conditions.

We are an innovative and ever expanding service that promotes a Home First Approach by providing GEM and rehabilitation services to medically stable patients in their own homes. We accept patients from both Royal Melbourne Hospital and external health services based on catchment area.

Our Multidisciplinary Team consisting of Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Dietitians, Speech Pathology and Allied Health Assistants to provide a specialist seven day a week program provided within their home. Patients will be visited at their home by at least one of our Health Professionals each day, participate in a person centred tailored program with interventions aimed at improving their lifestyle and achieving their personal goals. There is also a 24 hour contact service to provide our patients with confidence and support. There is no cost for this service
The RMH @Home Subacute Team work closely with the referring unit to ensure that patients are eligible and reviewed by our Medical Team and Care Co-ordinators promptly to determine their appropriateness for our service. This includes:

  • Medically stable patients who are ready to go home
  • Patient that require daily attendance and a multidisciplinary team involved in their care
  • Patients able to independently function in their home at a basic level or have the support or a carer / family
  • RMH @Home subacute care includes:
  • Review by a multidisciplinary team including Rehab Physician or Geriatrician, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian, social worker and speech therapy as required.
  • Daily home based visits over a 14 day length of stay
  • patient centred, goal based therapy
  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM)
  • Rehabilitation following fracture, orthopaedic surgery or acute medical illness/event
  • Falls assessment and management
  • Reconditioning following an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness


What we can provide
• Daily visits by members of our team including doctors, nurses and allied health in the patient’s own home
• Allied health therapy includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, dietician and speech therapy
• An interdisciplinary comprehensive assessment to determine patient’s strengths, needs and barriers
• An individual goal directed care plan that aims to maximise patient independence
• 24/7 phone support to all our patients to manage adverse events
• Equipment provided by Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist following review
• Brokered services
• Personal Care (up to x3 per week, 1 hour per day)
• Shopping assistance (up to x2 hours per week, one off only)
• Cleaning assistance pending approval
• Respite pending approval

RMH@Home supports a variety of diagnoses and treatment at home.