The 5 West Day Medical Centre deliver IV infusions, Blood transfusions and provide space for minor medical procedures such as Ascitic Taps and Lumbar Punctures. 

The centre has 23 Spaces which include treatment chairs, procedure rooms and beds / trolleys and services all of the divisions within the RMH including inpatient specialities and outpatients clinics.

We are nurse led.

To to attend this service patients need to be accepted by a relevant RMH in-patient speciality to ensure safe emergency practices are upheld.

The patient’s condition will dictate which team a patient is admitted under. Common specialities, chronic diseases, procedures and common infusions are listed below.

If you feel your patient would benefit from any of the services listed here, either check the specific department to see their referral system, or use the links below for common conditions / infusions to guide you to the right team for admission.

Services and referrals

Read more about the services we provide and how to refer patients to our service: