The Ambulatory Insulin Stabilisation program is coordinated by the Diabetes Education service and is an intensive process of concurrent assessment, insulin adjustment, education and skill development without a hospital admission of the patient.

The goal of the program is to assist the person in achieving a desired blood glucose target within a specified period of time. This requires input from the multidisciplinary team consisting of a medical officer, diabetes clinical nurse consultant (CNC) and dietitian.

Individuals are normally be enrolled in the program for a period of 6 weeks, after which time they will be discharged to their usual care or may require further medical review.

Program details

  • Patients must perform a specified number of blood glucose tests. The diabetes CNC ensures that they have the necessary equipment and are competent to use it
  • Patients must call the diabetes education service weekly on a specified day and time. The diabetes CNC determines if more frequent contact is required in specific circumstances (e.g. illness)
  • Program duration is 6 weeks
  • Patient's skills and competence is assessed continually
  • Patients who do not reach targets during the program are referred back to the referring doctor
  • GPs are sent a letter when their patient starts and successfully completes the stabilisation process
  • Discharge from the program is documented in their medical record and electronic diabetes survey


The program is available to RMH patients who have either:

  • Newly commenced on insulin therapy
  • Undergone a change in their insulin regimen
  • Concurrent steroid or oncology treatment affecting glycaemia

Eligible patients must also either:

  • Be admitted under the Diabetes and Endocrinology service or Diabetic Foot Unit
  • Had a consultation by the RMH endocrinology team during their hospital presentation
  • Attend one of the diabetes or endocrine clinics at RMH

Documented assessment of the person’s ability to demonstrate various skills and knowledge is a pre-requisite for enrolment in the program.

Individuals receiving RDNS for insulin management cannot be referred for this service (RDNS require an order written by a medical officer).

Special referral instructions

A referral from an RMH Endocrinology staff member is required for this service