The Bolus Advisor Meter service is available to people with type 1 or 2 diabetes on multiple daily injections.

Sessions run for approximately 1-2 hours and involve:

  • A review of carbohydrate counting knowledge and ability+
  • Calculation of meter settings
  • Machine set up and training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Discussion regarding blood glucose testing schedule
  • Discussion regarding testing the accurateness of your settings
  • Discussion regarding follow up, including:
    • Assessment of accuracy of settings
    • Safe self-adjustment of settings
    • troubleshooting

Accurate carbohydrate counting is a requirement for safe use of all of the features of bolus advisor blood glucose meters. Carbohydrate counting education may be completed at Royal Melbourne by attending a carbohydrate counting group. This group is conducted by the RMH Endocrine dietitian. Individual carbohydrate counting appointments can also be arranged in some circumstances.

Read more about bolus advisor blood glucose meters and carbohydrate counting.

Special referral instructions

A referral from an RMH Endocrinology staff member is required for this service


Carbohydrate Counting
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