Continuous glucose monitoring can assist in identify fluctuations and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed with standard HbA1c tests and intermittent self-blood glucose measurements.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is available to patients referred to The Royal Melbourne Hospital Diabetes and Endocrinology Service.

Following initiation and training, the device is worn by the patient for 6-7 days. It is then returned to the Diabetes Education Service for data upload and interpretation. Review and modification of the patient’s diabetes self-management and medication regimen occurs during a follow up appointment in RMH Diabetes Clinic.

Patients using insulin pumps with glucose monitoring capabilities may wish to use CGM regularly to assist with their diabetes control. These patients are able to undergo CGM training during pump initialisation or upgrade.

All patients who undergo CGM at RMH are admitted to RMH as a public day stay patient. Patients undergoing the investigation and training require a referral from an RMH Endocrinologist.

Special referral instructions

A referral from an RMH Endocrinology staff member is required for this service

All patients who undergo CGM are admitted to the RMH as a public day stay patient.


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