The Genetic Medicine service offers a range of multidisciplinary clinical services including Cardiac Genetics, Immunological Genetics, Neurogenetics, Endocrine, and a full range of other non-cancer genetic conditions.

The Genetic Medicine service at The Royal Melbourne Hospital is one of the largest genetic services in Australia, conducting over 5000 consultations per year. We are a comprehensive service, offering a full range of multidisciplinary clinics for individuals and their family members who have concerns about their personal and/or family history of genetic illness.

We provide risk assessment, genetic counselling, genetic testing and medical advice as well as psychological support to individuals and their family members.

The service includes two divisions: the Familial Cancer Centre, offering subspecialty clinics in breast, ovarian, colorectal, endocrine, and rare cancer genetics, and the Adult Genetics service, with subspecialties in cardiac, immuno, neuro, endocrine, and general genetics. Please see individual sections for referral guidelines and further information.

There are no out of pocket costs for patients attending any of the clinics within the Genetic Medicine service.