Digital imaging of referred patients can be viewed using our Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS). 

A FujiFilm PACS called Synapse, was implemented across The Royal Melbourne Hospital in October 2007 allowing referrers access to digital images and patient results both within the RMH and also externally via the web.

Installation and access

To access images from home, you need an active Royal Melbourne Hospital network account as well as access to PACS.

To gain access to PACS, complete the PACS application form.

Instructions for setting up and using Synapse are available in Downloads below.

Mobile PACS views (RMH ZedLink)

RMH ZedLink is a mobile PACS solution that was launched to provide Radiology images and results to clinicians and referrers internally and externally. It includes a web version compatible with any OS or browser and a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. Studies viewed can be anonomized, shared by emailed, saved and annotated.

Both tools are designed to give quick access to recent patient images and reports. The web version provides some additional functionality over the mobile app however they are not designed to be a replacement for our existing Synapse PACS. There is approximately 3 months worth of recent studies and studies are available on Zedlink once verfied by Radiology Staff.

User accounts for RMH ZedLink are created by Royal Melbourne Hospital IT.

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