Medical Photography Studio provides an efficient professional photographic and computer imaging service for hospital patients and staff.

Medical Photography Studio (formerly known as Medical Illustration) provides a professional clinical photography service within the hospital and outpatient facilities, photographing more than 5,500 patients each year. The unit creates quality visual material which supports patient care, medicine, nursing, teaching, research and publications.

Clinical photographs are taken to accurately record the physical appearance of a condition and/or treatment. Serial photographs provide a powerful monitoring and audit tool.

Clinical photographs are taken to aid diagnosis using varied techniques:

  • standardised clinical photographic series
  • retinal fundus photography
  • fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA)
  • optical coherence tomography scans (OCT)
  • mole surveillance photography
  • dermatoscope photography

All photographs of patients are considered part of the medical record and are treated as such. Informed consent needs to be obtained before taking photographs, whether the photos are to be used for clinical, teaching or research purposes. The process of consent and the reasons/use for the imaging must be documented in the medical record and the photographs can only be used for the purpose stated.

Patients have the right to access and receive a copy of information, including clinical photographs, under the Freedom of Information Act.