Deep Brain Stimulation (Dbs) Clinic


Dr Jennifer Nagao

Clinic Details

The clinic reviews patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor or Dystonia, refractory to medications, for consideration of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. The clinic is MBS funded.

Eligibility Criteria

This clinic accepts only referrals for patients from a Neurologist.

This clinic is suitable for:

  1. Adults (age > 18 years)
  2. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: motor fluctuations, limitations in medication doses due to side effects
  3. Patients with Dystonia: refractory to medications with bothersome symptoms
  4. Patients with Essential Tremor: refractory to medications with bothersome or disabling symptoms

Exclusion Criteria

  1. Paediatric patients
  2. Patients with significant comorbidities that preclude a patient from surgery or general anaesthetic
  3. Patients not seen by a Neurologist (these patients are best seen by a movement disorders clinic in the first instance)