Clinical initiatives

The Neurosurgery service has established specialised clinics in:

  • Cerebrovascular disorders (headed by Mr John Laidlaw)
  • Neuro-oncology (headed by A/Prof Kate Drummond)
  • Pituitary disorders (headed by Mr James King)
  • Functional neurosurgery including treatment of complex movement disorders (headed by Associate Professor Richard Bittar)
  • Pain (headed by Professor Peter Teddy)
  • Spinal (headed by Mr Bhadu Kavar)
  • Epilepsy (headed by Mr Andrew Morokoff)

Each of these clinics provide a holistic unified approach to the management of the disease in conjunction with specialists from other areas including neuroradiology and neurology.

Neurosurgery has active clinical and laboratory research programs that augment each of the clinical specialised programs undertaken by the department alone and in conjunction with the Department of Surgery of The University of Melbourne and the Department of Neurology. Many clinical programs are involved with national and international clinical trials.

Research activities and projects

Laboratory research is undertaken almost exclusively within the Department of Surgery at The University of Melbourne. The laboratories are located within the Clinical Sciences Building and are co-located with The Royal Melbourne Hospital. The laboratory research is principally concerned with Neuro-oncology and is closely associated with the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology at The University of Melbourne.

Education and training

The clinical activities of the Neurosurgery service are underpinned by an active research and teaching program at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level for medical, nursing and allied health staff.

Senior staff

  • A/Prof Kate Drummond (Head of Service)
  • Mr John Laidlaw (Deputy Director)
  • Mr James King (Director of Training)
  • Mr Alex Adamides
  • Mr Nick Hall
  • Mr Bhadu Kavar
  • Mr Hui Lau
  • Mr Patrick Lo
  • Mr Andrew Morokoff
  • Mr Girish Nair
  • Mr Peter Teddy
  • Mr Michael Wong
  • Dr Tanya Yuen

Honorary staff

  • Mr Kevin Siu
  • Ms Alison Wray