The Royal Melbourne Hospital Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) was established in March 2017 after a funding grant from Better Care Victoria.  The virtual model of fracture care was developed by the NHS trusts in Glasgow. The Royal Melbourne Hospital was first to trial and adopt this model of care in Australia.  

Virtual Fracture Clinic

The Virtual Fracture Clinic triages all referrals from the The Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department.

The Virtual Fracture Clinic gives patients with simple orthopaedic injuries access to a specialist opinion and management without having to visit the fracture clinic in person.

An orthopaedic surgeon will review a patient’s x-rays to determine what treatment is needed, then the Virtual Fracture Clinic physiotherapist will then contact the patient by phone to explain the management. If the injury is more complex, the patient may still need to come to the clinic to see the specialist in person.

Please note, the Virtual Fracture Clinic does not take outpatient referrals.
Click here for referrals to the outpatient Fracture Clinic.

Setting up the Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC)

Below are the documents and care plans used by The Royal Melbourne Hospital's Virtual Fracture Clinic team:

Virtual Fracture Clinic Implementation Guide
RMH Virtual Fracture Clinic Non-operative Guidelines
Common injuries managed by the Virtual Fracture Clinic - information sheets for patients

Clinical decision tools for the Emergency Department

External Images Incorporation - Victorian Radiology Providers Compatible with RMH PACS

Conferences and presentations

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