Palliative care is person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease. The person is expected to die, and the primary goal is to optimise the quality of their life.

I want to contact a palliative care professional

If you are in Parkville, email or phone (03) 8559 7960.

If you are elsewhere, please call the Palliative Care Advice Service or use the Palliative Care Australia services directory.

I need some help with clinical information in the aged care setting

There are free, evidence based apps for doctors and nurses assist in providing palliative care to the aged care setting.

Information for GPs looking after patients in the aged care setting, refer to palliAGED gp.

I need some advice

The Palliative Care Advice Service provides information and guidance to the general public and clinicians.

What support is available for carers?

To find out more about what help is available for carers, see Palliative Care Australia's "I'm a carer".


Nephrology Supportive Care City Campus Outpatients, Level 1 South East WED
Palliative Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre within the VCCC Building MON, THU Medicare logo
Palliative Advanced Lung City Campus Outpatients, Level 1 South East Medicare logo


I want to refer an adult patient to palliative care in the Parkville precinct hospitals (RMH, PMCC, RWH)

Non urgent referralsEmail or phone (03) 8559 7960
Consultation for inpatients at Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Royal Women’s HospitalContact the palliative care consultation registrar on RMH pager 305
Urgent referrals (for same day consultation) for inpatients at Peter MacCallum Cancer CentreContact the palliative care consultation registrar on pager 1110051
Urgent outpatient referralsPhone 0459 880 323
All urgent out-of-hours referralsContact the on-call palliative care registrar through the switchboard of any of the Parkville Precinct Hospitals

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