On 11 November 2017, The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) launched a new pathology results viewer 'AUSCARE' for all new pathology results. External GPs and specialists that require access to RMH pathology results will need to register to use AUSCARE. 

Important information about accessing RMH pathology results

Test results reported before 11 November will be available in CIS, however, test results reported after 11 November will be available in AUSCARE. So for a period of time, you may need to use both CIS and AUSCARE, but progressively the need to access CIS will diminish as the most current results you need will be in AUSCARE.

If you use other clinical practice software such as Medical Director or Genie, AUSCARE will automatically show pathology results in these programs, so you will not need to register - you will continue to view results just as you do today.

Register for access to AUSCARE

Log in to CIS and AUSCARE

Training and resources

If you access RMH pathology results, you will need to know how to use the new AUSCARE system.

Quick reference guides on specific features of AUSCARE

Video tutorials

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