The Pharmacy Department provides services to all areas of the hospital requiring medicines or involved in medication management.

Service is delivered through a variety of teams that are responsible for various aspects of the medication management pathway.

City Campus

The RMH Pharmacy is located on the ground floor near the Information Desk and supplies medication when patients are in hospital and when they are discharged. The Pharmacy Outpatient service also dispenses RMH prescriptions from various outpatient clinics.

Our pharmacists visit wards and departments to review and discuss patient’s medications, doses, side effects and any allergies that patients might have. They also provide advice and support to doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team about medications to optimise patient care. Our pharmacists also counsel patients on their medications and answer any questions or concerns that might arise throughout the patients stay.
Patients should bring in to hospital any medications that they have at home. This helps us know what medications patients usually take. Patient’s own medications are stored safely during the admission and are returned to the patient when they are discharged, along with any new discharge medications prescribed.

Healthsmart Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy, can dispense prescriptions, provide over the counter medications, toiletries, perfumes, make up and gifts. It is located in the retail precinct and is open seven days a week.

Royal Park Campus

There is a team of pharmacy staff based at Royal Park Campus who provide the same services as City Campus for patients who have their care managed there.