Our Podiatry service deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limb.

The aim of the Podiatry service is to prevent foot and lower limb amputations by identifying patients at high risk, and implementing appropriate management plans. Post amputation or injury, the service aims to enhance wound healing, facilitate appropriate discharge and prevent readmission.

Specific services include:

  • Provision of an assessment and treatment regime specific to individual patients, particularly those with diabetes
  • Wound management including ulcer debridement, wound dressings and wound consultations
  • Biomechanical evaluation and gait assessment
  • Use of padding and other pressure relieving devices to enhance wound healing
  • Neurovascular assessment and screening of patients with diabetes
  • Education of inpatients, outpatients and other staff members


Diabetic Foot City Campus Outpatients, Level 1 Centre THU
Diabetic Foot Vascular City Campus Podiatry Reception, Level 1 West THU
Podiatry City Campus Podiatry Reception, Level 1 West MON, TUE, WED, FRI


We accept GP and specialist referrals for this service.

Referrals are triaged depending on priority. Emergency cases can present to the Emergency & Trauma Service at any time.

To refer a patient, complete and send your referral to Outpatients by fax to (03) 9342 4234.

You can use the following form or a template from your own system:

Referrals should include:

  • relevant clinical history for the patient
  • the reason for referral
  • patient details including address, date of birth and contact phone numbers
  • your details and provider number
  • the name of the consultant (for Medicare clinics)
  • if your patient requires ongoing management, please identify the referral as being "indefinite"