The RMH Post-COVID clinic is a weekly public clinic led by respiratory physicians providing medical evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, advice and follow up to aid recovery.

Our physicians may also organise relevant indicated medical tests or other referral for other specialist opinions (such as cardiology or neurology).

Our Post-COVID clinic includes a weekly multidisciplinary meeting with respiratory physicians, sleep physicians, liaison psychiatry, general practitioners and allied health specialists such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, neuropsychology and music therapy to discuss care. Most allied health specialists also are part of the ReCov clinical team which works closely with the Post-COVID clinic.

Referral criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Has had confirmed COVID-19 infection or a clinical syndrome consistent with COVID-19Currently has active COVID-19 infection of confirmed COVID-19 infection in previous 6 weeks
Within RMH catchment or had COVID care at the RMHAlready managed by private specialists for the same problems

Ongoing symptoms with any of:

- Evidence of physiological disorder

- Clinical concern or uncertainty

- Need for advanced investigation

- Recurrent presentations to ED

Single system problem best managed in another specialist clinic
Acutely unwell person

Referral pathway

The Post-COVID Clinic accepts referrals from GPs and medical specialists. Referrals are faxed to the RMH Outpatient Department Clinics on 9342 4234, indicating that they are for the Post-COVID clinic.

The Post-COVID Clinic may also refer you on the the ReCov allied health Post-COVID Clinic. For more information about allied health Post-COVID Clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, please see our ReCov page.