What is it like to work at the RMH? Here's a sample of the types of educational events we run.

Careers forum

The Medical Education Unit runs an annual careers forum which highlights the different career paths available to junior medical officers.

Senior staff from areas including surgergy, oncology, pathology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, intensive care, physician training and many other areas present informative and entertaining talks about career direction.

RMH Education Week

The RMH Education Week is spearheaded by the Medical Education Unit and open to the entire hospital.

This year we were delighted to have Professor Dan Pratt from the University of British Columbia present a series of lectures and workshops around Learning Styles and the Power of Context and Community in Clinical Teaching.

Other topics included Leadership and Presentation Skills, Ethical Deterioration, Mentoring, Simulation and E-Learning. The Medical Education Team look forward to producing another exciting Education Week next year.

JMO Education Committee

The JMO Education Committee is a new initiative that allows our junior medical officers to have active input into their education through a consultative process.

Meeting on a monthly basis the committee discusses education initiatives and provides feedback to ideas created by the Medical Education Unit.

There are also sub-committees with specific focus areas such as Intern Orientation, E-Learning, International Medical Graduate Education, Weekly Education Programs amongst others. For junior medical staff with an interest in education and development, the Royal Melbourne Hospital is the ideal place.

Hospital revue

What a hospital variety show has to do with Medical Education is something the Unit often asks itself. Secretly though, we thoroughly enjoy helping it come together.

Reborn under the motivation of Director of Medical Governance, Senior Specialist, Intensive Care A/Prof Peter Morley, the one hour show is an irreverent and humourous look at life working in a hospital with musical performances, videos, comedic skits and general chaos.

For those with a bit of talent that just needs to be expressed, you have the opportunity to do so at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.