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Speaking Up For Safety

What is the Safety C.O.D.E?

The Safety C.O.D.E is a tool that allows us to respectfully raise concerns in a step-by-step way. It is based on the assumption that our colleagues and peers are human and do make mistakes - but they don't make mistakes on purpose. Most of us are not aware of how our behaviour could or does have a negative impact on our colleagues or patients and consumers. By 'checking' each other we provide feedback and the opportunity to correct our mistakes.

The Safety C.O.D.E stands for:

  • Check- e.g. "Can I just check if we're doing this right?"
  • Options- e.g. "I'm concerned about this - could we get another pair of hands to help out?"
  • Demands- e.g. "I know you're more experienced than me - but I'm concerned that if we do this wrong someone might get hurt. We need to stop and get another person to help out."
  • Elevate- e.g. "I realise you've done this many times before and that I could be wrong but I'm really concerned about this. The Safety C.O.D.E says that in instances like this I need to elevate my concerns to a team leader, manager or consultant. Would you like to come and speak with the Nurse Unit Manager with me?"