The Medical Education Team is dedicated and committed to providing our Junior Medical Staff with the necessary education and training to ensure their individual goals are achieved within the context of the providing outstanding care to our patients.

We are committed to continuing professional education for all new, junior and permanent clinical staff

Our Junior Medical Staff educational program calendar is always responding to the needs of junior doctors and therefore many new programs are currently in development.

Find out more about the program below.

Intern Orientation

Comprehensive program which aims to have Interns work ready. The program covers Basic Life Support and Defibrillation training, Deteriorating Patient simulation workshops, clinical IT systems workshops, Handover Skills workshops, Safe Prescribing practical classes as well as Shadowing Outgoing Interns.

2020 Intern orientation dates: 6 – 10 January, 2020

‘U&Me’ Near-to-Peer Mentoring

A program designed to help prevocational trainees (including interns) new to RMH transition into their role and hit the ground running.

The aim is for Mentor and mentee to draw on their similar knowledge, rank, experiences and emotional and social reciprocity, thereby, enabling the founding of a mutually supportive and empowering collaborative relationship.

The program has a universal goal of embracing a learning community which breaks down isolation and leads Mentor and Mentee on a pathway of self-discovery.

‘U&Me’ Mentor Training Program

U&Me Mentors are offered an intense training program to support them in their significant role as mentor.

The program delves into understanding, the principles of emotional intelligence, personality types, recognising the signs of distress, strengthening resilience and participation in Teaching on the Run.

HMO & Registrar Orientation

3 hour program focusing on the deteriorating patient with the emphasis on clinical leadership and professional development

2020 HMO & Registrar orientation date: Monday 3 February 2020

Protected Weekly Intern Education Sessions

Weekly sessions cover topics within medicine, surgery, allied health and all sub-specialties whilst also providing opportunities to become involved in organisational wide initiatives.

The information provided during intern education is current and relevant and falls in line with the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Council's Curriculum Framework.

SET Interview Preparation

4 part program including behavioural interviewing techniques, interpreting emotional intelligence and mock interview opportunities with immediate consultant feedback on how to structure a response framework.