There are many opportunities across The Royal Melbourne Hospital to grow your nursing career. Gain introductory knowledge in speciality areas in our tailor made 6 - 12 month RISE programs. 

The RISE program aims to support nurses to develop their clinical knowledge and skills in a specialty area of nursing practice. The program provides nurses with a structured career pathway relevant to clinical nursing and has been designed to advance clinical practice through evidence-based theoretical and clinical education.

In the RISE program you will:

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving
  • Apply concepts to clinical practice
  • Contribute to the specialist healthcare team

Streams we offer:

We offer a variety of streams across our RISE programs. Please note, stream availability is subject to change.

Cardiac Care (Cardiology and Cardiothoracics)

A six-month program co-facilitated by the Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Clinical Nurse Educator teams with a focus on cardiac assessment, ECG interpretation, cardiac monitoring and identifying and responding to clinical deterioration. Participants are employed on 2B (Cardiology) or 6SE (Cardiothoracic) whilst completing this content.

Day Medical

Coming soon – a new program in 2022, the Day Medical stream explores concepts related to a busy, dynamic and fast-paced day medical service. Participants work in 5W Day Centre whilst completing this program.


A six-month program that encompasses the development of skills and knowledge considered fundamental to the emergency nurse, with a focus on developing proficiency in assessment and management of emergency patients. Participants work within the Emergency Department whilst completing this program.

General Surgery

This six-month program aims to increase understanding and awareness of the assessment and management required to safely provide care for a patient pre-, intra- and post-operatively including pain management, invasive devices and wound/stoma management. Participants are employed in 3S (General Surgery), 3SW (Colorectal/Hepatobiliary) or 9W (Vascular and Urology) whilst completing this program.

Haematology/Bone Marrow Transplant

A six-month program provide both theoretical concepts and clinical experience for a nurse beginning in cancer nursing. This program has a focus on haemopoiesis and disease processes, common complications and psychosocial and wellbeing. Participants work on Ward 7B whilst completing this program.

Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Diseases stream is co-facilitated with the Medical stream, with participants working on Ward 9E. This six-month program delves into higher level system-based patient assessment principles, branches off to infectious diseases and treatments and then joins the medical stream to explore patient deterioration and management.

Intensive Care

This 12-month program consists of a six-month structured program, enabling nurses to care for some of the most acutely unwell patients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and working in our Intensive Care Unit 6B, followed by six-months of clinical consolidation.


Co-facilitated with the Infectious Diseases stream, this six-month program explores higher level system-based patient assessment principles, branches off to medical presentations and management, before joining the Infectious Diseases stream to focus on identifying and responding to clinical deterioration.


The Neurosciences program has participants from 4S Neurosurgery and 8B Acute Stroke and Neurology. Across the six-month program, participants explore intercrainal pathology, trauma and diseases of the central nervous system.

Medical-Surgical (Nurse Resource Transition Pool)

The Nurse Resource Transition Pool (NRTP) has nurses working in a variety of settings including the acute wards, Emergency Department and Royal Park Campus. The six-month program in NRTP has a focus on medical conditions and surgical presentations, as well as invasive devices and the deteriorating patient.


This 12-month program provides RISE participants across the PeriOperative service. Participants spend six-months in Peri Anaesthetics and six-months rotating through theatres in the Perioperative suite alongside the theoretical and clinical components.


Working on the Renal and Endocrine ward 6SW, this six-month program delves into acute kidney injuries and chronic kidney disease, as well as exploring peritoneal and haemodialysis.


This six-month program has a focus on patient assessment principles, branches off common presentation and management within the sub-acute setting with a focus on identifying and responding to clinical deterioration. Participants work in the City Campus in the Acute Care of Elderly (ACE) ward, or in the Rehabilitation or AC4 at the Royal Park Campus.

Trauma (Orthopaedics and Plastics)

The six-month Trauma program brings together participants from our Orthopaedics ward 7SW and Plastics ward 7SE. Firstly examining elements of the trauma survey, the program branches into orthopaedic and plastics specific content, before coming together to focus on identifying and responding to clinical deterioration.

Course Structure

RISE content is delivered across a range of modalities including:

Online Workbooks

Online eLearning workbooks are delivered through a dedicated learning platform, with tailor made modules created specifically for RISE participants by subject matter experts.

Professional Development Days

A minimum three professional development days are offered in each RISE program stream, offering opportunity for self-directed learning, virtual study days, face-to-face workshops and/or time within the RMH Simulation Centre

Module Hurdles

RISE participants have dedicated hurdle tasks ensuring translation of theory to practice and opportunity for 1:1 time with the Education and NUMs to discuss experiences, career planning and goal setting

Applications and Eligibility Criteria

RISE programs are offered to internal staff. Some streams are also offered to external candidates and are advertised via our Careers website.

Eligibility criteria for the RISE programs include:

  • Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent
  • Diploma of Nursing *stream dependent
  • Successful completion of Graduate Nurse Program (GNP) or equivalent
  • Employment within the Royal Melbourne Hospital at minimum of 0.6EFT in clinical area offering the program for the duration of the program
  • Successful application and enrolment into the RISE program as agreed by the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) and Course Co-ordinator

Future Pathways

Following the RISE Program, participants will continue to be supported as an integral member of The Royal Melbourne Hospital workforce. Participants may also consider a career pathway that includes completion of a university-affiliated Post Graduate program. Please see our Post-Graduate Programs flyer for further information on tertiary affiliations and streams offered to progress your career at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Virtual information sessions

Several virtual information sessions will be scheduled once applications for our 2023 programs open. These information sessions will help you gain greater understanding into our patient cohorts, frequent presentations, specialty area interests and program overview.

Need more information?

For further information please contact the Post Graduate Nursing program coordinator by emailing