04 September 2015
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Delegates to the 2015 Australasian HIV/AIDS conference will be able to see The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Infectious Diseases specialist, Dr Schulz, present poster on the clinical and research services provided by this hospital’s Victorian Infectious Diseases Service to address the complex healthcare needs of patients with HIV and viral Hepatitis.

Dr Thomas Schulz, Victorian Infectious Diseases Service at Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne

Dr Schulz will talk about the Clinical Audit Research electronic Health Record (CAReHR) - developed in collaboration with three tertiary hospitals – has been adapted from its use in immigrant health to deliver better clinical care for people living with chronic Hepatitis and/or HIV.

CAReHR is being used to improve the flow of information between patients, hospital specialists and other health professionals. It is also being used to provide better access to de-identified data for disease surveillance and research purposes, by having this data uploaded to BioGrid – a federated data-sharing platform for collaborative translational health and medical research.

Since 2012, 1250 patients have had their healthcare managed with CAReHR.

In addition to its use in the treatment of patients with HIV and/or viral Hepatitis, CAReHR is being used successfully in children’s health, immigrant health and many other health contexts.

Find out more about CAReHR.

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