07 September 2015
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Patient and health stories

It’s not often that you get to celebrate with a kidney-shaped cake, and this was no ordinary celebration. 

Mr Joe Vanderzee has been coming to the RMH every 4-6 weeks for 9 years to have his nephrostomy tube changed, but his most recent visit was extra special; Joe was having his nephrostomy tube changed for the 100th time. Joe has an obstructed ureter which is why he requires his Nephrostomy tube to be changed on a regular basis.

Staff from our Radiology department decided this was no mean feat and arranged a celebration for Joe which included a homemade cake in the shape of a kidney! Surrounded by many of the Radiology staff who’ve cared for him throughout his journey, Joe was presented with a very special plaque to commemorate this milestone.

But Joe wasn’t the only recipient of a gift that day - he gave the team a laminated letter with a “great and sincere” thank you to all of the radiologists and nursing staff “who all with great skill, dedication and love kept my kidney working and thus keeping me alive.”

“I will never forget the love and care of the nursing staff…I am still able to laugh and enjoy coming to hospital of all places,” Joe wrote.

During the celebration, some staff commented that they’d been at the RMH for over 20 years and have rarely encountered a patient who’s had 100 of any procedure, let alone 100 nephrostomy tube changes!

And as Joe cut into his special cake…“I never thought I would eat my own kidney!” he joked.