Aboriginal art murals, RMH Royal Park Campus, Institute of Koorie Education
17 August 2017
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Two large displays of Aboriginal art murals were launched in August as a result of an enthusiastic collaboration between the Rehabilitation Unit at RMH Royal Park Campus and the Institute of Koorie Education at Deakin University.

The beautiful artworks were created by 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts students who are enrolled in the Institute’s Community Based Education Program. The students come from all around the country.

The idea to create the murals came about following a discussion with an Aboriginal patient in the Rehabilitation Unit. When asked by Allied Health Assistant Dimitrios Tsiavos, what would make his stay more comfortable, he said he would like to see something artistic that connected him to his heritage and upbringing.

At the launch, Aboriginal elder Aunty Di Kerr provided the Welcome to Country and Aunty Janice Koolmatre, Elder in Residence at the Institute of Koorie Education, thanked everyone for their enthusiasm and efforts.

Matthew Lowe, the NUM from the Rehabilitation Unit said, “These art murals make this campus so much more welcoming to people of indigenous heritage and also to those visitors who enjoy the presence of attractive artwork, particularly where it’s not expected - such as at a hospital campus."

Adam Horsburgh thanked the students and their teachers for their passion and dedication to the project.

“Today's launch is the result of a collaboration which has extended beyond healthcare and into the education sector. The result is not only the beautiful murals you see here today, but we have been able to connect with the next generation of Aboriginal artists.”

In the past financial year, there have been at least 710 acute presentations and 1200 outpatient presentations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Melbourne Health has a strong commitment to improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and closing the gap between Indigenous and non indigenous people by providing the best possible, culturally safe care to our patients and their families.

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