26 May 2016
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It's been more than three months since Peter and Susan joined The RMH family and we now can't image life without them. 

Robotic Tugs

Peter and Susan are robotic tugs. They are used to transport surgical instruments from our theatres to the new Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). The new CSSD is part of the new $1 billion VCCC project and been built for The RMH and Peter Mac.

The tugs can talk, call a lift and navigate their way through the hospital using pre-programmed GPS.

Here are a few fun facts about Susan and Peter:

  • Since they arrived, our quiet achievers have travelled more than 10,000 km since they started in February 2016
  • This represents over 16,500 delivery and collections if our CSSD and theatre staff had to manually deliver and collect surgical instruments
  • As of 2 May, Peter TUG has travelled 499 km while Susan TUG is coming in at 492km
  • Together the TUGs performed over 246 pickup and deliveries in a 24hr period, which represented 16km total travel from the TUGs in one day
  • On an average each TUG is providing 100+ pick up and collections per day (200+ total)

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