Deane Reynolds, RMH Dry July Ambassador
13 June 2019
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The Royal Melbourne Hospital challenges you to go alcohol-free while raising funds for cancer patients and their families.

Our RMH Foundation team and 2018 Dry July ambassador, Shantelle are so grateful to everyone who supported this campaign raise over $58,000 for the hospital last year.

Deane Reynolds from Kensington will be the new ambassador of our Dry July campaign. Deane hadn’t really heard about head and neck cancer before. It all began when food started getting stuck in his throat as he ate his meals. His local doctor initially told him that it was reflux. After symptoms persisted, he was sent to a specialist, where he received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer.

It was all a whirlwind at the beginning. He was given a 50 per cent chance of recovering. After long months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the weight of his prognosis left him wondering whether he would be able to get through it all. His greatest incentive was to keep going for his wife, Maxine.

So he continued doing what he loved most, gardening and cooking. In between rounds of chemotherapy, he tended to his garden, as well as his neighbours’. Deane could no longer eat, but he still cooked dinner for Maxine each night after she returned home from work.

When he finally received the news that the cancer had left his body, he was overjoyed. Most of all, he had missed eating and was thrilled to find that his taste had come back. Now, he thoroughly enjoys his meals, as well as a good glass of red.

Deane is a wine enthusiast and celebrated with a trip to the Barossa Valley with Maxine after he received the all clear. He was blown away by the talent, dedication and passion RMH staff show for their patients, which he says is the reason why he is still here today.

Deane expressed his gratitude to the RMH team and said he’s willing to stay off the booze just a little longer for Dry July.

“I’m doing Dry July to thank the wonderful surgeons, nurses and staff that cared for me, and for giving me a second bite out of the cherry of life.”

164 people registered for the RMH Dry July challenge last year. Help us beat last year’s figures and raise $75,000 towards patient-care items and equipment for the head and neck cancer services and ward 7B.

Sign up for Dry July and help ensure patients with cancer receive the very best in care throughout their journey of recovery. Alternatively, you can donate to the RMH Foundation here.

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